WORLD UNDER BLOOD - Tactical Track-By-Track Breakdown, Part One

July 18, 2011, 6 years ago

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Deron Miller, guitarist/vocalist of West Coast melodic death metal outfit, WORLD UNDER BLOOD, has released the first part of a track-by-track description for the band's debut album, Tactical. The breakdown of the first three songs can be read below:

'A God Among The Waste' - "A fan favorite, this was one of the first songs we wrote. I remember doing the vocals with Logan Mader engineering and I had the lyrics, but no vocal pattern or melody ideas. We pressed 'record' and that's what happened. I wanted it to start the record off because it just kicks in with the fastest blast on the whole cd and the song ends very mellow. there's a lot of dynamics. the bridge riff reminds me a lot of DEATH''s Spiritual Healing. Lyrically its pretty much about finding a legitimate political leader, and finally cleaning up the U.S. When will we finally be desensitized as a nation to political correctness and just do what needs to be done?"

'Into The Arms Of Cruelty' - "Probably my favorite song off of the album. I think it's one of the most perfect songs I've ever written. Child abuse makes me fucking sick and this song pretty much gives my unrestrained opinion. A lot of people enjoy claiming that metal is the most evil form of music, but actually it's the only genre that artists tend to explore serious subject matter, and try to take a stance against things they believe are not right. The opening riff is one of the hardest riffs to play on guitar, and I shot myself in the foot when I wrote it because no matter how much I practice it, it doesn't get any easier. Out of 20 years of songwriting this song is in my top five. Killer drumming and awesome solos."

'Pyro-Compulsive' - "I'm obsessed with mental illness, and I love to learn and explore that field in my music. The idea of someone lusting over lighting their house on fire while they're inside sounds like a stretch, but I bet there's someone out there that enjoys being burnt. Incidentally, this track has the most difficult to play riff that I've ever come up with, and it is the chorus riff. It's a fucking bitch, but it's hooky as hell. Unlike a lot of bands out there I don't try to write complicated music for the sake of it because i think in the end there really isn't a song there. But a lot of metal bands can write technical parts that are also catchy, and I learned that from GORGUTS, PESTILENCE, DEATH, CYNIC, and BELIEVER 1993. Luke Jaeger's solos are incredible, and although he's extremely eccentric, he's an amazing friend and extremely gifted."

Tactical is slated to hit stores on July 26th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Tactical features the following songs:

'A God Among The Waste'

'Into The Arms Of Cruelty'


'Dead And Still In Pain'

'Purgatory Dormitory'

'Under The Autumn Low'

'I Can't Stand His Name'

'Revere's Tears' (with intro)

'Wake Up Dead' (MEGADETH cover song)

'Alliance Or War' (iTunes exclusive MALEVOLENT CREATION cover song)

World Under Blood is:

Deron Miller – guitar, vocals (CKY)


Risha Eryavac – bass (ex-Decrepit Birth)

Luke Jaeger – guitar (SLEEP TERROR)

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