YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - As Above, So Below - The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography Kindle Edition Released

May 11, 2013, 4 years ago

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Author Anders Tengner's YNGWIE MALMSTEEN new book, As Above, So Below - The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography, has been released as a kindle edition by Bokfabriken World Wide.

A book description reads:

No Swedish musician has made such an impact as Yngwie Malmsteen. His finesse, attitude and fantastic guitar playing was unparalleled when he surfaced in the early 1980's.

As Above, So Below - The Unauthorized Yngwie Biography is a revealing story about how he became what he is today. It is a fury fueled story about extreme passion and determination, and the sacrifices needed to be made to achieve his dream. The price has been high, both for Yngwie himself and for those close to him.

Based on interviews, made both in Europe and in the US, with the people that were actually there, this book gives a unique and sensitive insight into the raging life of the guitar God. Everyone from teachers, classmates, music store owners, band members, road crew via managers, record companies and world renowned musicians to girlfriends and ex-wives share their personal stories and thoughts about the great Swede.

The interviewed include: Joe Lynn Turner, Graham Bonnet, Tallee Savage, Jeff Scott Soto, Ron Keel, Mike Varney, Amber Dawn Landin, Peter Rooth, Göran Edman and more.

Anders Tengner grew up in the same neighborhood as Yngwie and hung out in the same gangs. He's followed Yngwie's career as a journalist and friend both in Sweden and in the USA. Anders was also a guest at the first two of Yngwie's weddings.

To read the first three chapters of the kindle visit Amazon.com.

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