YNGWIE MALMSTEEN To Appear On Miami Music Television

July 7, 2011, 9 years ago

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Swedish guitar hero YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will be on heavy rotation with the TV show Miami Music Television, which airs on ABC Saturdays at 1 AM. Yngwie will be opening the show. Stay tuned for further details.

Miami Music Television show serves as a platform to feature musicians, bands and performers from the South Florida and international markets performing all genres and styles of music. The program will also include celebrity guest appearances and interviews from the music and entertainment industries.

ABC Television Saturday night on WPLG Channel 10 Miami Florida, Atlantic Broadband, Comcast Cable, Dish Network, Direct TV at 1 AM. MCB Network Houston, Texas Channel 55. Monday through Friday at 6 PM. Hot TV Network, Coming to New York, Seattle, Dallas Saturday night at 11:30 PM. Telemax 5 Haiti, Saturday night at 8 PM on the #1 TV station in Haiti and .5 million online in Miami.

The Beach Channel 19! every night at 12 midnight Monday - Friday into 10,00 Hotel rooms, lobbies and restaraunts and 95,000 hhs in Miami Beach.

Back in February, Malmsteen sat in with house band, THE ROOTS, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (NBC-TV).

Check out footage from the show below:

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