Young Girl "Seriously Burned And Disfigured" When Soundwave Fan Lights Magnesium Flare In Sydney

February 24, 2013, 2 years ago

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According to, a member of the audience at Soundwave 2013 in Sydney smuggled in a magnesium flare, ignited it in the middle of the crowd during the performance of BRING ME THE HORIZON and “seriously burned and disfigured” a young girl in the crowd, according to promoter AJ Maddah. AJ has launched an all-out assault on the fan. “Dear piece of shit who lit the flare in BMTH pit: Tonight you seriously burned and disfigured a young girl. I hope you fucking get yours." Maddah is calling for action from Soundwave attendees: “If anyone can correctly identify this son of a bitch I will shower you with so much tickets, backstage and cash you wont know what to do.”

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