AD INFERNA - Opus 7: Elevation

July 29, 2014, 12 months ago


By David Perri

Rating: 5.0

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AD INFERNA - Opus 7: Elevation

At one time a canvas heavily draped in the drama of symphonic black and goth-inflected vampirism, Paris’ AD INFERNA is now firmly an EBM collective, with all the baggage that term carries with it. As is almost always the case with EBM folks, Ad Inferna takes DEPECHE MODE circa Black Celebration as its moving-parts pillar and then uses that starting line to embrace (and how) the razor-wire riffs of both RAMMSTEIN and MARILYN MANSON’s early catalogues. Which is not to say the style is, objectively and completely, devoid of any merit, because there are plenty of groups playing EBM that make it work in effective and (sort of) endearing ways. But Ad Inferna is the absolute middle point, the median/mean/average, and that is far from promising in a world that has already heard, literally, thousands of albums exactly like this one. Y’know those goth scenesters you see in their black PVC outfits with matching eyeliner and gasmask? This record is their Saturday night out at Club Saphir (true story) while the black candles stay unlit in their apartments back in the suburbs.


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