DREAM CHILD - Until Death Do We Meet Again

September 14, 2018, 2 years ago


Rich Catino

Rating: 7.0

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DREAM CHILD - Until Death Do We Meet Again

What do you get when guitarist Craig Goldy (Dio, Giuffria), Rudy Sarzo (bass. ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio), Simon Wright on drums (Operation: Mindcrime), Wayne Findlay (guitars, keyboards, ex- MSG), and Helker singer Diego Valdez work together? Like other recent collaborations between Dio band members: Resurrection Kings (Goldy, Vinnie Appice), Last In Line (Vivian Campbell, Appice, Jimmy Bain), Dream Child, the nickname Ronnie Dio gave to Goldy, also recaptures many elements from Dio’s musical history. This album I’d say repackages the spirit and arrangements of the Dio Dream Evil album, and Lock Up The Wolves (which Wright plays drums), and Rainbow.

“Under The Wire” is a great opener, carried by a punchy tight rhythm section, accenting keyboards, driving riffs and leads, and Diego’s so Dio-esque tone are very satisfying for fans of traditional heavy metal. And who isn’t? Goldy’s recognizable “Dream Evil” type riffing shows up in “You Can’t Take Me Down”, how Tony Iommi impacted some of how Craig phrases leads, and Diego nicely shines for the arrangements movements. Love the fantasy Rainbow mystic feel to “Games Of Shadows” in the keys, slower riff, chorus, and darker Sabbathy descending rhythm and lead work. Also see “Washed Upon The Shore” which also switches the tempo and very Purple guitar keyboard dance. Pure old school ‘80s metal. Riffing steps to the side on “Light Of The Dark” to focus more on the keys melody and drum patterns. A cool rock ‘n’ roll romp to “Midnight Song”, seven minute title track is graceful full of guitar and keyboard compliments that would have fit on Dio’s Magica album.

Maybe twelve songs a bit long, a couple like “It Is What It Is”, “In A World So Cold”, “Weird World”, are inferior. Some sameness amongst the arrangements and how guitars and keys work together. Also, Diego’s voice comes across better in his mid and low tone, sounds a bit strained when he goes high.

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