August 26, 2014, 11 months ago

(Screaming Crow Records)

By Greg Pratt

Rating: 7.0



The first thing that is apparent upon spinning this wild ‘n’ rowdy split is the cool production sound and all-around high energy of New Jersey’s Electric Frankenstein, who betray the packaging’s unspoken promise of garage rock or rockabilly with some balls-out classic LA-style street-trash rock, rocking live like a suicide all the way through their four high-octane tunes. This band rules all over their half of this split. The Cheats, from Pittsburgh (their ‘Pittsburgh Cockfight’ must stem from some wild hometown tales), bring gruffer vocals but a less caustic sound, definitely more punk rock, a bit more garage rock in vibe but still plenty fast and loud, and with even catchier songwriting (their first tune, ‘Sinners & Saints’, will have you singing along upon first listen). Each band gets three new tunes and one cover here, with Electric Frankenstein covering Dead Boys and The Cheats covering The Backstreet Girls. Those who favour CDs are outta luck, as this split is vinyl and digital only, with the cover tunes appearing only on the vinyl version; the cool cover art gives even more reason to snap up the vinyl. You get the feeling listening to this that Duff McKagan would approve, and that’s enough for us (well, that, and the fact that both bands rock).


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