ENTOMBED - Clandestine Live

June 5, 2019, a year ago


Ryan Owenson

Rating: 8.0

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ENTOMBED - Clandestine Live

That Entombed’s 1991 classic Clandestine is considered a game-changer in death metal, and metal is general, is beyond dispute. Clandestine is an incredible, immutable Swedish classic that’s rivalled only by its direct predecessor, Left Hand Path. If you haven’t heard Clandestine, you must. 

Clandestine Live captures that time in 2016 when Entombed - now made up of three original members Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid, and Uffe Cederlund, as well as Robert Andersson and Edvin Aftonfalk of Morbus Chron - played Clandestine live in its entirety for the first time, first with an orchestra and then, during a second act, just the band. If this live album is any indication, what a night that must have been. 

This scribe is not generally a fan of live albums and, with some rare exceptions, finds them boring. But, man, Clandestine Live is going to have to be one of those exceptions, because the first thing that immediately resonates (literally) here are the monstrous guitars tones and the ultra-old school drums. For this performance, Entombed was seriously digging in the dirt, making Clandestine an even grittier and real beast, the album now a menacing conception of itself that’s got 25 years’ worth of scars. In making these aural choices, Entombed, in its absolute and complete understanding of death metal, perfectly chose how to represent Clandestine live. Well done, indeed. 

In terms of the performances, this newly reunited (sort of, as LG Petrov still fronts Entombed A.D.) Entombed sounds inspired and like it’s thoroughly and truly enjoying playing Clandestine. The timeless quality of the album shines through during the concert and, though released in 1991, Clandestine could easily compete (and win) against the vast legions of new bands channeling classic Swedish death metal. 

So, there’s really only thing left to say: Can we get this same treatment for Left Hand Path?

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