JUNGLE ROT - Jungle Rot

July 20, 2018, 11 months ago


Dillon Collins

Rating: 9.0

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JUNGLE ROT - Jungle Rot

It’s mind blowing to think that Jungle Rot have been around for over 25 years. The savage Wisconsin death metal trio has that undeniable quality of old school meets a modern cutting edge, making their staying power, and career growth, all the more impressive nine albums deep. 

Jungle Rot’s lovingly self-titled venture is about what you’d expect from a group of guys who live, breathe, piss and spit metal. It’s fast, no frills and unapologetically heavy. 

From the ferocious double kick drum kickoff on opening track “Send Forth Oblivion” from longtime collaborator Jesse Beahler, Jungle Rot are pulling no punches. This is death metal for the fan left behind by the metalcore, dijent and tech-heavy movements that have ostracized a generation of metalheads. 

As always, the mastermind of Jungle Rot, frontman and guitarist Dave Matrise, is holding court with a swift and vicious reckoning. He’s in rare form here with growling frayed vocals that leap to piercing heights at a whim. 

While bassist James Genenz and Goff Bub have more than molded into the Jungle Rot style and synergy after 13 years, the band is and remains Matrise’s baby and his distinct imprint is felt all over this record. 

“A Burning Cinder” has that kind of angst that folks have associated with the darker side of music for generations. A proverbial nut shot at mass media, current political tripping points and the utterly painful state the world is in, timely lyrics “Can’t trust the government, the world has gone haywire. Out of the frying pan, and straight into the fire,” prove to be keenly timely and prophetic. 

German thrash god Schmier of Destruction, a former Jungle Rot tour mate, lends his fearsome throat to halfway track “Fearmonger”. The contrast of Schmier and Matrise make this one of, if not the strongest standout track of the entire album. 

But there is little in the way of wasted time or motion on deep cuts “Glory For The Fallen”, “Pumped Full of Lead” and the ominous “Twisted Mind”. This is slickly forged (kudos to returning producer Chris Djuricic) metal that would mesh in a basement bar or amphitheater. 
Paying homage to yet another giant of German thrash, Jungle Rot close out the 10-track effort with a cover of Kreator’s “Terrible Certainty”. It’s as epic and impressive as you might think. 
If you’re a fan of metal, of the heaviest kick ass kind that laughs in the face of your current radio rock metal showmen, then you owe it to yourself to tap into new Jungle Rot.

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