ORIGIN - Omnipresent

July 15, 2014, 10 months ago

(Nuclear Blast)

By David Perri

Rating: 8.0

origin review

ORIGIN - Omnipresent Possessing what is probably death metal’s most overlooked catalogue, Origin has once again returned to impress and electrify, this band executing some of extreme metal’s most technical moments but also never forgetting to write actual songs amidst the disorder and disarray. And write songs they have with Omnipresent, Origin entering the most regal of territory when “All Things Dead” concludes and then building foundations only to destroy them with the rabid, and rabidly impressive, “Source Of Icon O” and “Malthusian Collapse”. One listens to an Origin album wonders how these tracks get composed: what kind of factors, daily, lead to their inception? All that stops mattering, however, when “Redistribution Of Flith” sheds every layer of skin and becomes death metal punk rock, the song a burly bicep curl around the neck of Dead Kennedys or Plasmatics until the blast beats induce their coma halfway through. Newly featuring ex-Skinless vocalist Jason Keyser, Origin continues to possess its death metal omnipresence in Omnipresent’s entirety.

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