ROB ZOMBIE - The Zombie Horror Picture Show

June 27, 2014, 10 months ago

(Zodiac Swan/UMe)

By Aaron Small

Rating: 8.5

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ROB ZOMBIE - The Zombie Horror Picture Show Filmed over two nights in Texas in August 2013 – Rob Zombie and his band: guitarist John 5, bassist Piggy D, and drummer Ginger Fish – show a pair of packed venues in The Woodlands and Dallas what a high-energy rock n’ roll show is all about in their long overdue, first ever concert film. The stage is flanked by prodigious LED screens, swathed in pyrotechnics, graced with larger than life animatronic robots, and eventually covered in confetti – the crowd absolutely loves every second of it! Zombie’s set consists of 16 songs, running an hour and 20 minutes of pure adrenalin; and there’s no shortage of adoring female fans baring their breasts in appreciation. Four songs from last year’s Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor are aired, in addition to three White Zombie classics. Unbelievably, during John 5’s extended guitar solo in “Thunder Kiss ‘65”, Zombie goes for a walk through the audience, torchlight in hand to guide his way; talk about taking interaction to a whole new level. From a strictly personal point of view, the inclusion of a few more RZ tunes, namely: “Feel So Numb”, “Let It All Bleed Out”, and “Demonoid Phenomenon” would have been nice. The same can be said for bonus interviews, but a photo gallery of really cool shots is tacked onto the end.

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