THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS - The Georgia Thunderbolts

August 19, 2020, a month ago


Aaron Small

Rating: 8.5

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THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS - The Georgia Thunderbolts

Hailing from Rome, GA at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, The Georgia Thunderbolts breathe wondrous new life into Southern rock. Drawing parallels to Lynyrd Skynyrd, with a little flavoring from The Allman Brothers, this five-song EP invigorates the soul. “We’re going for that timeless and classic sound with a modern twist and newer attitude,” says vocalist TJ Lyle.

Opening track “Looking For An Old Friend” epitomizes that statement as it’s warm and welcoming with a familiar feel, yet it’s a brand new tune. “So You Wanna Change The World” displays the band’s ample knowledge of the blues, whereas “Lend A Hand” quickly locks into a groove, giving way to a singalong chorus. “Spirit Of A Workin’ Man” resonates ever so powerfully, and “Set Me Free” is seven glorious, wing-spreading minutes. TJ Lyle channels the spirits of both Ronnie Van Zant and Chris Cornell, once again seamlessly melding vintage with current.

The rhythm section of bassist Zach Everett and drummer Bristol Perry keep it in the pocket beautifully, while guitarists Logan Tolbert and Riley Couzourt are masters of form, finesse, and flow. The Georgia Thunderbolts have made one hell of a first impression with their debut, self-titled EP. Can’t wait for a full-length album.

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