2 MINUTES TO TULSA - 3-Card Monty...Is It Night Ungol or Cirith Demon?

April 2, 2024, 2 weeks ago

By Mark Gromen

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Spread out over two nights (for the first time) and as many venues, 2 Minutes To Tulsa brings together some of the underground's fastest rising acts, alongside long established bands. 

First night, at the Vanguard, downtown, was supposed to see Night Demon (who consider Tulsa an important, domestic home, alongside Cleveland, OH) headline, with Nasty Savage, Artillery, Screamer, Savage Master, Blind Oath, Intent and SheHatesMeNot. 

Or, at least that was the plan, before Night Demon were replaced by a makeshift Cirith Ungol line-up (scheduled to play the next day), of Tim Baker (vox) and drummer Rob Garven, with Demons Armand John Anthony (guitar) and Jarvis Leatherby (bass). 

Here's some images, but a full recap will be posted soon.

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