70000 TONS OF METAL - Sample The Metal Buffet: Something For All Palettes!

February 6, 2023, a year ago

By Mark Gromen

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Whether you prefer your steak/seafood raw, rare, fried or even blackened (which means the same to epicureans and metalheads) the cruise has something for every taste. And much like a copious food spread, only a fool would attempt to indulge in every conceivable option. Need the musical equivalent of greasy, fast food? It's here. Vegan, elegant cuisine, exotic/ethnic spices or maybe just the local fare? Got you covered! 

If one can't find something to savor, they're either an extremely picky "eater" or don't like heavy metal, at all (which begs the question: What were you doing aboard the ship, in the first place?) So, here's a quick visual montage of some action, across the four days at sea. A full, in-depth report will be posted on Bravewords.com shortly. Mangia! Bon Appetite! Enjoy! Dig in!

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SUNBURST - "From The Cradle To The Grave"

SUNBURST - "From The Cradle To The Grave"

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