5-Part Fan-Made Miniseries "VAN HALEN 1984 Documentary” – First Two Episodes Streaming

May 24, 2023, 12 months ago

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5-Part Fan-Made Miniseries "VAN HALEN 1984 Documentary” – First Two Episodes Streaming

The Tapes Archive has released episodes 1 and 2 for their "Van Halen 1984 Documentary".

Episode 1 – Building 5150 Studios summary:

In 1984, Van Halen experienced great success with their album Diver Down and a highly successful tour. However, behind the scenes, the band members were facing internal tensions and conflicts. The album included cover songs due to time constraints. During this time, Eddie Van Halen connected with Frank Zappa and had a jam session at Zappa’s studio. Eddie also produced a song for Dweezil Zappa. Inspired by their experiences, Eddie and his engineer, Donn Landee, decided to build their own home studio called 5150. The band’s relationships continued to deteriorate, leading to their separation after the Diver Down tour.

Episode 2 – The Road To The US Festival summary: 

Van Halen members went their separate ways after their Diver Down tour. Dave stayed in South America with his travel troupe, the Jungle Studs. In 1983, they were offered $1.5 million to headline the Heavy Metal Day of the US Festival organized by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.  The Clash, unhappy with the commercialization of the event and the paychecks of other bands, engaged in confrontations and refused to play an encore. Van Halen hosted a lavish private party during the festival. The band performed on Heavy Metal Day, delivering an explosive set despite being heavily intoxicated.

Descrpiption: The year 1984 was, arguably, Van Halen at its peak. The band's creativity and tensions reached an optimum balance - enough to keep the passion in the music but not enough yet to destroy the band. This 5-part fan-made miniseries is the result of seven months of research, interviews, and video editing.

The Tapes Archive adds: "After seven months of work, my new Van Halen 5-part series is about to be released. (Over 2.5 hours) Lots of newly uncovered information and media never seen by the public."

Check out the trailer below:

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