AETHER REALM Release New Single "Slave To The Riff"; Lyric Video Streaming

March 23, 2020, 10 months ago

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AETHER REALM  Release New Single "Slave To The Riff"; Lyric Video Streaming

Melodic death metal band, Aether Realm, recently announced the upcoming release of their new, multi-faceted full-length album, Redneck Vikings From Hell, out May 1 via Napalm Records. With their new album, the band improves upon their already distinctive sound that’s been astonishing fans since day one - taking listeners on a stupefying rollercoaster ride of death metal, thrash and even neo-classical shred.

Today, Aether Realm has revealed a second single from Redneck Vikings From Hell - the unrelenting symphonic banger, "Slave To The Riff". Wasting no time kicking things off with a nasty groove, “Slave To The Riff” is an ode to the heavier side of symphonic metal - chock full of rhythmic breaks, skyrocketing solos and even a Latin American/Flamenco interlude - showcasing the band's multi-faceted talents.

Frontman Vincent "Jake" Jones says about the track: "Lyrically it’s just a sort of cathartic release of frustration. Music doesn’t always come when I call. Instead, I usually feel that I’m bound to do its bidding, regardless of time of day or inconvenience of surrounding. Sometimes it’s a great comfort to surrender to it, but often feels like it’s taken over my life. Musically, it's also a cathartic release, this one of a hodgepodge of musical influences and ideas, cobbled together with the hope that if it's good enough, the spirit of music will be sated - if only for a moment."

In addition to being produced and mixed by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Cane Hill), mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit) and featuring orchestration by Ben Turk of Gloryhammer, Redneck Vikings From Hell features a treasure trove of fantastic special musical guests, including guitarist/banjoist Wayne Ingram (Wilderun), guitarist Greg Burgess (Allegaeon), Eric W. Brown (Nekrogoblikon, Vale of Pnath, Swashbuckle, Rainbowdragoneyes) and vocalist Josh Rieke of YouTube fame. The album also features contributions from voice actress Erica Lindbeck (Final Fantasy VII remake), harpist Amy Turk (sister of Ben Turk), vocalist Michael Rumple (Ashen Idol, Flood District), vocalist Zach Williams (Dead Eyes) and returning Aether Realm guest vocalist and sister of Vincent "Jake" Jones, Elly Jones.

Vincent "Jake" Jones says about the album guests: "I guess we wound up with such a long list of guests because we have really grandiose ideas as a band. We then very quickly realized there's no way to achieve them without some help. We could always scale back our ideas to something we can do ourselves, but why do that when we have so many skilled friends? Help from friends has always made Aether Realm's music better."

Redneck Vikings From Hell not only cements Aether Realm as a band to watch, but will also have listeners questioning just what exactly they can’t do. Each track on Redneck Vikings From Hell is entirely distinct, setting the stage by playing upon the band’s southern roots with the banjo-laden epic folk metal-inspired title track “Redneck Vikings From Hell”. Meanwhile, the first single “Goodbye” and center-cuts like the thrashy, unwavering “Lean Into The Wind”, the powerful anthem “Hunger” and symphonic brutality banger “Slave To The Riff” provide a weightier sample of the unconventional stylings of Aether Realm 3.0. Otherworldly closing track “Craft And The Creator” drives it all home, showcasing each individual band member's infallible technical skills and featuring hair-raising leads that would make any guitar god blush. The album is strung together by colossal orchestral elements that lift the band to new heights.

Redneck Vikings From Hell will be available in the following formats:

- 1 CD Digipak
- LP Gatefold BLACK
- Digital Album
- 100 Piece Exclusive Napalm Gold Vinyl

Pre-order here.

Redneck Vikings From Hell tracklisting:

"Redneck Vikings From Hell"
"Lean Into The Wind"
"One Hollow Word"
"She’s Back"
"Slave To The Riff"
"Craft And The Creator"

"Goodbye" video:

Aether Realm is:

Vincent "Jake" Jones - bass, vocals               
Heinrich Arnold - guitar, vocals                    
Tyler Gresham - drums                     
Donny Burbage - guitar       

(Photo - Bryce Chapman, Album artwork - Travis Smith)

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