AMARANTHE Launch Music Video For "Strong" Feat. BATTLE BEAST's Noora Louhimo; Live IG Stream With Elize & Noora Scheduled For Sunday

August 14, 2020, a year ago

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AMARANTHE Launch Music Video For "Strong" Feat. BATTLE BEAST's Noora Louhimo; Live IG Stream With Elize & Noora Scheduled For Sunday

After transporting us into a new dimension and lifting us up into a higher level of modern metal, Amaranthe is ready to drag us deep down to hell: Forged in the burning fire of passion and heavy riffs, together with one of Finland's most powerful voices, Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Amaranthe is going "Strong" today and release the second single off their upcoming album Manifest, out on October 2. Check out the video below.

Amaranthe commented: "Devil and saint, martyr and sinner, betrayal and loyalty - 'Strong' essentially underlines the dualistic nature of what it means to be human. In an increasingly polarised world, we found it incredibly exciting to reach across the metal world, and find collaboration and unity with the phenomenal Noora Louhimo. Even if the world around you is on fire, and if you find yourself at a disadvantage, remember that there is always one part of you that will remain - 'Strong'."

To celebrate that anthem, Amaranthe announces a special Instagram live stream with Elize and Noora - all under the flag of "This Or That". Water Or Wine? Chocolate Or Chips? Tune in on Elize's or Noora's official Instagram profile this Sunday, August 16th, 11 AM, Pacific / 2 PM, Eastern and find out about these metal queens revealing their secrets.

Pre-order Manifest here. Pre-save it for your DSPs here.

"Manifest is the latest step in the evolution of Amaranthe, and across the board it is the boldest statement: We are here to stay, we are utterly passionate about what we do and we will take no prisoners in our strive for musical excellence! An all-out metal rollercoaster, Manifest does not hold back in any regard - from the first second to the last, it is brimful with some of the heaviest Amaranthe riffs to date, soaring and emotional vocals and unrelenting metallic fury. We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we enjoyed making it!"

Manifest is available in the following formats:

- CD
- Media Book With Four Bonus Tracks
- Media Book Bundle With Patch (Limited to 250 units)
- Vinyl
  Gold Vinyl (Limited to 300 units)
  Blue/Black Marbled Vinyl (Limited to 300 units)
  Cyan Vinyl (Limited to 1000 units)
  Band Exclusive Vinyl (Limited to 150 units per color)
    Red w/ Gold Splatter - Olof
    Clear w/ Red Splatter - Elize
    Green w/ Black Splatter - GG6
    White w/ Blue Splatter - Nils
    Pink w/ Green Splatter - Johan
    Orange w/ Black Splatter - Morten

Each band exclusive vinyl color was personally selected by the single band members and is a bold statement for which value is the most important to them: Creativity, independence, prudence, cleverness, single-mindedness and composure. All together, these values are the foundation to overcome obstacles and face difficult and uncertain situations. To symbolize that, every vinyl comes with a 5x7 "hero card" corresponding with the band member and their personally picked value. When all six cards are united, they form the album cover for Manifest.


"Make It Better"
"Scream My Name"
"Strong" (feat. Noora Louhimo)
"The Game"
"Wake Up And Die"
"Do Or Die"

Bonus tracks:
"82nd All The Way"
"Do Or Die" (feat. Angela Gossow)
"Adrenalina" (Acoustic)
"Crystalline" (Orchestral)

"Viral" video:

Amaranthe lineup:

Elize Ryd - vocals
Olof Mörck - guitars, keyboards
Henrik "GG6" Englund Wilhelmsson - vocals
Johan Andreassen - bass
Morten Løwe Sørensen - drums
Nils Molin - vocals

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