ARCHSPIRE Members Launch Online Cooking Show "Good Morning Handsome"; Episode 1 Streaming

January 21, 2021, a month ago

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ARCHSPIRE Members Launch Online Cooking Show "Good Morning Handsome"; Episode 1 Streaming

Canadian tech death masters, Archspire, are now embarking on an exciting new endeavour and have launched their very own online cooking series, Good Morning Handsome!

Hosted by vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron and produced by guitarist Dean Lamb, the guys are now taking their technical skills to the kitchen to bring you the most unconventional and spicy cooking show that would have Julia Child rolling in her grave... and we mean that in a good way! You can watch the premiere episode, "Friends With Bennies", below.

"We are really stoked to announce the launch of our new cooking channel 'Good Morning Handsome,'" comments the band. "Although barking fast and noodling lots are our actual jobs, we wanted to make a show about cooking that's the opposite of horse shit like Gordon Dickhead Ramsey. We believe cooking should be fun and want to encourage everyone to learn about food in a non stressful or demeaning format. So subscribe to our channel and check out our pilot episode and hopefully learn a bit about how easy cooking actually is."

For more episodes, which will be rolling out in February, be sure to subscribe here.

Archspire recently completed the recording for the full-length follow up to 2017's JUNO Award nominated Relentless Mutation. The offering was once again recorded by Dave Otero and will be unleashed onto the masses in 2021. Stay tuned for more details.

"WE DID IT! We completed our 6-week sentence in Music Prison (Flatline Audio Studios in Colorado) with Tech Support Professional Dave Otero at the helm!" exclaims Archspire. "We went with Dave once again as a follow-up to our 2017 release: Relentless Mutation, where our deep love for him was first kindled. This album is a product of roughly two and a half years of writing, and we truly feel it's the most solid material we've ever created. This album is very fast, so please enjoy responsibly. Stay Tech!"

Moreover, the band has announced new European tour dates for November/December 2021. The band will be blasting through 12 cities at 350 bpm and a full list of confirmed shows can be viewed here, where tickets are now on sale.


Dean Lamb: guitar
Spencer Prewett: drums
Oliver Rae Aleron: vocals
Tobi Morelli: guitar
Jared Smith: bass

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