ARMORED SAINT - Capitol Chaos TV Interview With JOHN BUSH And JOEY VERA Available; Live Footage Posted

June 1, 2015, 6 years ago

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ARMORED SAINT - Capitol Chaos TV Interview With JOHN BUSH And JOEY VERA Available; Live Footage Posted

On May 19th, Armored Saint performed at Rockbar Theater in San Jose, CA. Capitol Cahos TV was in attendance and caught up with vocalist John Bush and bassist Joey Vera; interview footage is available below.

In addition, live footage of the band performing "March Of The Saint" is also available.

Armored Saint are set to release their seventh studio album. Win Hands Down, is all things Armored, a vintage crush of classic power propelled by a cathartic blast of life in the year 2015. The album is scheduled for release on June 2nd in North America, with release dates for June 1st in Europe/UK, and May 29th in Germany/Switzerland/Austria. The album is streaming in it’s entirety, and can be pre-ordered at

Win Hands Down was mixed by Jay Ruston and produced by bassist Joey Vera.

John Bush (vocals) states: "When we began talking about a new record I told Joey Vera (bass) to pretend we were a really huge band and that we could do anything we wanted. At least that was the mindset we should have, from the writing to the production. What came out was Win Hands Down, which is our first record in five years. There's everything from classic Armored Saint rocker songs to epic songs and we all dug deep to deliver something special. If we weren't going to, then we shouldn't have bothered. I'm glad we did. In May we are doing some shows in the States with Saxon. It's a great way to get the ball rolling."

Vera further comments: "We're very excited about our new record coming out in June! We've been writing over the past year and half and we feel like we've written some amazing music. We can't wait to share it! To get our whistle's wet, we're super excited about doing some warm up gigs before the record release with the legendary Saxon this May! We're doing a total of six shows between the East Coast, Texas, West Coast and we couldn't think of a better way to start off the summer! See you all soon."

Win Hands Down tracklisting:

“Win Hands Down”
“An Exercise In Debauchery”
“Muscle Memory”
“That Was Then, Way Back When”
“With A Full Head Of Steam”
“In An Instant”
“Up Yours”

“An Exercise In Debauchery”:


“Win Hands Down” video:

“Win Hands Down” behind-the-scenes:

(Photo - Stephanie Cabral)

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