Australia’s CALIGULA'S HORSE Premier “Turntail” Music Video

March 22, 2016, 4 years ago

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Australia’s CALIGULA'S HORSE Premier “Turntail” Music Video

Brisbane, Australia’s Caligula's Horse have released a new music video, for the track “Turntail”, featured on the band’s third record, Bloom, released through InsideOutMusic last October.

Filmed at GC Studios on the Gold Coast, Caligula's Horse further collaborated with one of Australia's most promising video clip filmmakers in Adrian Goleby, who also worked on the band's videos for “A Gift To Afterthought” and “Firelight”. The aim was to create a video that was uplifting, but also one that conveyed a strong political message.
In “Turntail”, a dancer is brightly coloured but trapped in darkness by an external force, and her own fear. She grasps her restraints, fighting against them, and learns to control and harness that fear. The colour gradually returns to her as she stands against the outside force, free and powerful.
“Turntail” has a message of rebellion, of fighting for freedom, of standing your ground against an oppressor. In Australia, we are engaging in an act of utter cowardice by our treatment of refugees. This is a song of courage, and the most courageous act in a time like this is compassion.
Caligula's Horse frontman, Jim Grey says of the video: ““Turntail” is exactly what Caligula's Horse is about - It's powerful, energetic, melodic and forthright - this is a song about taking a stand, about fighting for freedom in whatever way you can. Considering the atrocious political climate in Australia and worldwide, I don't think we could be releasing this single at a more appropriate time."

Watch the new video below.

Bloom tracklisting:
“Daughter Of The Mountain”

“Turntail” video:

“Firelight” video:


Bloom follows 2011's debut Moments From Ephemeral City, and 2013's dark narrative concept album The Tide, The Thief & River's End.

"Bloom is very special to all of us - it's an album full of colour and life, vibrancy and energy, but one that breathes in and out with a natural ebb and flow," says lead vocalist Jim Grey. "It's exactly what we hoped to achieve with Caligula's Horse. To us, this album has a life of its own."

The band posted a special video message, telling you a little bit about the album and introducing the band:

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