BLIND GUARDIAN - New Album To Be Released In First Half Of 2021

January 25, 2020, 3 years ago

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BLIND GUARDIAN - New Album To Be Released In First Half Of 2021

Speaking with Loud TV, Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch revealed the band is gearing up to hit the studio for their next album, which is due to start pre-production at the end of January.

Kürsch: "The real production for the album will start around April, and what we have in mind is mixing in November. So, I would guess that this album will be released in the first half of 2021."

The most ambitious project in the metal history of Blind Guardian, Legacy Of The Dark Lands, is out now. The idea of recording an orchestral album originally formed in the minds of the two leading lights of the Blind Guardian universe - guitarist André Olbrich and singer Hansi Kürsch - during the 1990's when Blind Guardian started to use orchestral elements to enhance their opulent sound. The monumental project started to take shape over recent years, and mirroring its epic sound cascades, the lyrical concept was developed. To create the concept, André and Hansi worked alongside German bestselling author Markus Heitz, whose latest novel Die dunklen Lande was released on March 1, 2019.

Kürsch recently spoke with Dead Rhetoric about the project. Following is an excerpt from the interview.

Dead Rhetoric: This was done for over a 20 year span – what sort of feeling does it finally coming out give you?

Kürsch: "I’m relieved, and I’m just happy that we have come to the point where everyone involved – it’s ready for people to listen to it. I’m overwhelmed still by the amount of work, but I’m more than just proud to have accomplished it and having the chance to give it to the people. That people will have a chance to listen to it – that’s a relief! Over the years, we’ve been talking about that so many times. We’ve had to describe what it would sound like, and what it would be about, musically. I could literally see the question marks over the heads of people who never really understood what we were trying to say. If you haven’t listened to it, it’s very difficult to get an idea of what we are talking about. But once you have listened to it, you just figure, 'It makes sense, what the guys have spoken about for twenty years now.'"

Dead Rhetoric: Given the time involved, do you feel that you were able to go back and tweak things from a technological aspect as you progressed?

Kürsch: "Actually, it’s been the opposite. We’ve really paid tribute to every original intention. That was very important to us. If you could listen to what we did to 'This Storm' or 'Dark Cloud’s Rising' in the beginning, you would figure that the original idea is very much present nowadays in the final recording. But of course, we used the technology over the years to maintain the artificial keyboard quality of the orchestra first, and then improved it much further when working with a real orchestra. Again, if you really listen back to the beginning, you can hear how close it is still to what the final recording is like.

The only difference is that everything feels more on-spot with this album, and we improved the orchestra as much we could to use it as a substitute for the metal band. I would say 'mission accomplished.' We did pre-productions ten years ago, and they were almost identical to what you are listening to now. The curse of the pre-production like this is that you have to top it when recording. That’s one of the reasons the production took so long at the very end."

Read the complete interview here.

Watch a new video trailer for the album below:

The Legacy Of The Dark Lands is available in the below formats:

- 2CD Digipak
- 2LP Gatefold (different colours)
- 3CD Comic book (album, instrumental, no interludes version)
- 4CD Comic book (album, instrumental, no interludes version, audiobook)
- 5LP BOX (Album 2LP, Instrumental 2LP, Audiobook LP)

Order the album here.


"1618 Ouverture"
"The Gathering"
"War Feeds War"
"Comets And Prophecies"
"Dark Cloud’s Rising"
"The Ritual"
"In The Underworld"
"A Secret Society"
"The Great Ordeal"
"In The Red Dwarf’s Tower"
"Into The Battle"
"Between The Realms"
"Point Of No Return"
"The White Horseman"
"Trial And Coronation"
"Harvester Of Souls"
"Conquest Is Over"
"This Storm"
"The Great Assault"
"Beyond The Wall"
"A New Beginning"

"War Feeds War" video:

"Point Of No Return" lyric video:

"This Storm" lyric video:

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