October 31, 2021, 6 months ago

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"With COVID infections rising in the UK and with upward numbers projected through the remainder of the year, we have regrettably decided to cancel our December UK tour," says Buckcherry.

"We struggled with this decision for days, but with four bands on the bill as well as thousands of fans at the shows, we decided to err on the side of caution and cancel. We apologize to the fans that have purchased tickets, but these are strange times and the risks unfortunately outweighed the benefits. Hopefully this pandemic will diminish in 2022 and we will attempt to reschedule."

"We want to give a shoutout to our UK label Earache Records, who delivered us a #1 rock chart debut for our new album, and a hit single with "Hellbound".Their hard work in the UK and Europe is greatly appreciated."


"So Hott"
"No More Lies"
"Here I Come"
"Wasting No More Time"
"The Way"

"Gun" video:

"Wasting No More Time" video:

"Hellbound" video:

"So Hott" video:

(Photo - Ashley Ann Caven)


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