CORONER Guitarist TOMMY VETTERLI Unveils Signature Model Solar Guitar X1.6

June 16, 2024, a month ago

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CORONER Guitarist TOMMY VETTERLI Unveils Signature Model Solar Guitar X1.6

Solar Guitars - launched by The Haunted guitarist Ola Englund - has shared a new video for their X1.6 Coroner signature model. Check it out below. 

Solar Guitars: "Tommy Vetterli is not only a gifted audio engineer and producer (New Sound Studio in Switzerland) with extensive experience and a distinct sense of hearing. But as a professional musician and one of the most renowned guitar players in Switzerland (among others with Coroner, Kreator, Stephan Eicher, Voodo Cult, 69 Chambers), he guides artists to excel musically and provides valuable input for songwriting and arrangement. He produced, recorded, and mixed for Eluveite, Stahlmann, Kreator, Corey Taylor, Cellar Darling, and many more. 

Currently, Coroner is recording their first album in over 30 years, and in conjunction with that Solar Guitars are proud to release the successor to Tommy`s first signature guitar, the A1.6 Coroner. 

Tommy adds: "I started with my first signature guitar, an A1.6, and that one looks very metal. But this one looks way more metal"

We took everything that was great about the A1.6 Coroner and put it in the X1.6, featuring impressive components such as the 1996T Gotoh bridge and the new 3-voice version of the Fishman Fluence modern pickups. This Type-X stands out in the series by standing tall with its 25,5" scale length with 24 stainless steel frets and stays perfectly in tune with its Solar Guitars locking tuners."

Go to this location for more information on the X1.6 Coroner signature model, and to pre-order.


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