DENNIS DeYOUNG - Former STYX Frontman Debuts Music Video For New Song "To The Good Old Days" Feat. JULIAN LENNON

May 11, 2020, 10 months ago

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DENNIS DeYOUNG - Former STYX Frontman Debuts Music Video For New Song "To The Good Old Days" Feat. JULIAN LENNON

Former Styx frontman, Dennis DeYoung, is back with a new original solo album, 26 East, Vol. 1., out May 22 via Frontiers Music Srl.  Today, Dennis has released a video for his duet with Julian Lennon, “To The Good Old Days”.

The video’s imagery spans the life and career of DeYoung, featuring a rare look into his personal archives, highlighting the entire span of his musical career, his fifty year marriage, and his extended family. A touching, heartfelt video that speaks to the memories we all hold dear. Head back to “To The Good Old Days,” and reminisce with Dennis below:

26 East was the address where DeYoung grew up in Roseland, IL on the far south side of Chicago. This is the home where Styx was formed in his basement in 1962. Across the street lived the Panozzo twins, John and Chuck, who along with DeYoung would go on to form the nucleus of the band. The cover artwork features three locomotives traveling through space, representing the original members leaving Chicago on their journey to the stars.

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"East Of Midnight"
"With All Due Respect"
"A Kingdom Ablaze"
"You My Love"
"Run For The Roses"
"Damn That Dream"
"The Promise Of This Land"
"To The Good Old Days" (duet with Julian Lennon)
"A.D. 2020"

"East Of Midnight":


- Dennis DeYoung: Keyboards, fake drums, fake bass, fake news, and some vocals. Oh, and Vuvuzela.
- Jim Peterik: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals and Vuvuzela
- August Zadra: Electric Guitars, vocals
- Jimmy Leahey: Acoustic and electric guitars
- Craig Carter: Bass, vocals and invocations
- Mighty Mike Morales: Drums and all day sound checker
- John Blasucci: Keyboard’s
- Mike Aquino: Electric Guitars
- Kevin Chalfant: backing vocals
- Matthew DeYoung: Drums on “To The Good Old Days”
- Ed Breckenfeld: Drums on “Unbroken”
- Zoe and Austin Orchard for Ring Around The Rosie
- The Chicago Children’s Choir and conductor Josephine Lee

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THE DEAD DAISIES – “Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)” (SPV)

THE DEAD DAISIES – “Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)” (SPV)

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