DERELICT Release "Versus Entropy" Drum Playthrough Video

July 4, 2024, a week ago

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DERELICT Release "Versus Entropy" Drum Playthrough Video

Unleashing their new album, Versus Entropy, this past June after a 12-year hiatus, Montreal, Canada's Derelict have released a new drum playthrough from Tommy McKinnon for the record's title track via Sick Drummer Magazine.

"I decided to choose this track because I thought it represents the album very well as far as style. It mixes groove, melody, and brutality. When I reached out to Ian at SDM, he was very enthusiastic about the song. The drums on the video are recorded in one take, and I left the timing 100% natural. I wanted this to be sort of a "live" version of the song and the sound has no triggers at all," says McKinnon.

Known for their brutal melodic technical death metal, Versus Entropy is a testament to the collaborative synergy between Burnet and guitarist Max Lussier. Each song on the album is a joint effort, with contributions from bassist Sébastien Pittet and drummer Tommy McKinnon adding layers of complexity and depth.

The album unfolds in two distinct chapters, the first four songs can be considered a pure evolution of what they did on 2012's Perpetuation. It is then separated by an instrumental piece “Attunement” that offers a breather and a bridge to the last four tracks that feature probably the band's most brutal, southern, thrashiest, and old-school prog death songs ever written by them.

Lyrically, the album delves into both global and personal themes, from climate change and social injustice to introspective explorations of identity and emotion. “Versus Entropy” was produced by Burnet and Lussier, mixed and mastered by JF Dagenais (Kataklysm), with the album artwork done by Cate Francis.

"We think our existing fans will be surprised and happy to hear new music from us. It’s been 12 years since our last full-length, although we teased our return with the 'Clear Cut' single in 2022. I think fans will find that we matured while keeping our core sound. There’s more diversity in what we’ve done here than on older material," adds the band.


"Versus Entropy"
"Infinite Dread"
"Dans les Dents"
"The Escapist"

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