DEVIN TOWNSEND - Two-Hour Video Clip Showcasing Live Stream Recording Of New Song Posted

December 5, 2015, 5 years ago

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DEVIN TOWNSEND - Two-Hour Video Clip Showcasing Live Stream Recording Of New Song Posted

Devin Townsend was recently featured in Toontrack's Devin Townsend Challenge, which offered a behind-the-scenes look at Townsend at work making new music. Fans that missed the live broadcast can now watch the entire four hour clip below, but a segment showcasing Townsend's creative process in a two-hour video where he records a completely new track from scratch has been isolated and can be viewed below.

The clip below features a remixed version of "By Your Command" by Devin Townsend - taken from the new Devin Townsend Project album Z² - using his personally designed guitar tones from the Metal Guitar Gods EZmix Pack for EZmix 2, EZdrummer 2 and the Made of Metal EZX. Devin retracked his guitars and recorded them direct in (DI).

Earlier this year, Devin Townsend Project played an incredible sold-out show at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall, bringing the story of Ziltoid to life on stage, as well as playing tracks from across his back catalogue. This larger-than-life evening was captured on film and was released on November 13th in Europe via Inside Out Music.

Townsend posted the following message on Facebook to coincide with the European release:

“Finally, after a ton of work from all involved, we see the release of the Ziltoid at the Royal Albert Hall show! It was a milestone for me, and an experience none of us will soon forget. I hope you can in some way join the experience with us vicariously by watching it...enjoy, and as always: thank you for the opportunity to do this.”

Live At The Royal Albert Hall will hit North America on November 27th. Check out “Deadhead” from the upcoming release:

Shot on 15 high-definition cameras, it was directed by Paul M Green (Devin Townsend, Opeth, BB King, Steve Hackett) and features special guests such as Dominique Lenore Persi (Stolen Babies), Chris Jericho (Fozzy) and Jean Savoie, with video narration by Bill Courage, as well as 12 singers and actors as cast and choir.

Townsend states: “The show at The Royal Albert Hall was a great experience. To be able to make artistic expression rooted in creativity and then to be able to articulate it in these sorts of ways - at this sort of venue- was pretty awesome. The whole thing was quite a challenge, but ultimately it worked and we were all very satisfied with it. I completely appreciate the support that has allowed this to happen from the audience, and I thank my team and Inside Out Records for busting ass to make this DVD a reality. I think if you enjoy what I do, you'll really dig it. Thank you so much for the opportunity!”

The release will arrive on several formats including an artbook of 44 pages including the entire concert as well as extensive behind-the-scenes bonus footage and a full documentary, pressed on 3 CDs, 2 DVDs and a Blu Ray Disc, as Special Edition Digipak with 3 CDs and a DVD and as BluRay including the entire show and bonus material.

"March Of The Poozers" :

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