DISSECTION - Previously Unpublished Interview With Jon Nödtveidt Available

August 24, 2006, 14 years ago

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DISSECTION's US promoter, Jim Mills, has posted a previously unpublished interview with frontman Jon Nödtveidt at his MySpace page. As previously reported, Nödtveidt, 31, was found dead on August 16th at his apartment in Hässelby, Sweden (a suburb of Stockholm). Stockholm police reported that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

About the interview Mills says: "I posted this lost interview from early 2005 for fans of Dissection. I am shocked that Jon decided to leave this world so abruptly, and it sucks. Jon was always honest and lived up to everything he said he would do. Last we spoke is when he found out that there was no way he would be given a visa. So we had to can the USA shows, and at the end of the conversation I thanked him, and told him I hope he decides at one point to play Dissection tunes in a live setting again. The only time I started acting like a fan and losing my "professionalism." I can't speculate why Jon did what he did that day, all I know is that Dissection will never be replaced, and not 1 single band compares to Dissection. Jon will be missed by his family, friends and fans. I know I do."

Some excerpts from the interview found here follow:

Mills: There are many different interpatations of what Satanism is. Some people use the Christian idea, and some use a more toned down self indulgent idea. What is your personal idea and take on being a Satanist?

Nödtveidt: "To lead things to its end. And to create new beginnings."

Mills: What things do you lead to its end? And what would constitute a new beginning in your life?

Nödtveidt: "Life/death/transcendence."

Mills: Would you consider yourself religious?

Nödtveidt: "A follower of the inner self. A devotee of the Dark Gods.

Mills: Does your being a devotee of the dark gods apply to all religions that possess a dark or evil deities? The new single ('Maha Kali') is about a Hindu Goddess, I am assuming that is a part of the whole encompassed Dark Gods.

Nödtveidt: "A devotee of the Dark Gods, meaning a devotee of the spiritual essence behind the dark side of all religious and mythological traditions. Maha Kali is the terrifying aspect of the dark mother goddess in Hindu religion/myth. Her name translating The Great Black, she who devours all, she is the wrathful one who devours the entire cosmic creation in the time of the complete dissolution, Kali yuga, the ending times. The dark mother is the womb and the tomb."

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