Exclusive: KILLCODE Premieres “Ride” Music Video

December 20, 2023, 3 months ago

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Exclusive: KILLCODE Premieres “Ride” Music Video

"Ride", the new single produced by Joey Zampella and video off Killcode's latest album Life, Death, Rock N' Roll directed by David Swajeski is being premiered exclusively by BraveWords! Watch below and listen to the single here.

"With one last shot at redemption, a man returns to the scene of happier times, to turn back the years, and reclaim his winning ways. Haunted by opportunities lost, and memories of a past life, will one spin of the roulette wheel bring back all that he lost? Life is a journey full of choices and sometimes you make the wrong ones. You play the hand you’re dealt, no matter what the odds. Quitting is not an option. We never know what twist and turns will happen next. But in a city that never sleeps there is a fine line between dreams and reality. Sometimes the only option is to spin the wheel and let it ride. And just maybe lady luck will push things your way."

Killcode is a five-piece American based rock band that hails from New York City. Their unique sound and style has been described as Southern infused Rock/ Metal with melodic, hard edged vocals. The songs are hooky super charged anthems with big guitars and driving rhythms that pump a shot of adrenaline into your system the moment you hear them.

Life, Death, Rock N’ Roll is an album made up of songs about life's ups and downs, the hang and the hangover and how we deal with it all. The joys, struggles and loss that we all live through and that the band personally dealt with while writing and recording this album. The songs range from high energy rockers and brooding hard rock, to introspective personal songs. Most of the songs were recorded during a time when most people in the world were scrambling to find a sense of normalcy and the album reflects how we all can overcome this and come back stronger than ever.

(Photo – Keith Celentano)

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