Exclusive: ODINFIST Premieres “Riffmaster” Single

January 11, 2023, 9 months ago

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Exclusive: ODINFIST Premieres “Riffmaster” Single

Odinfist is well known in the Canadian underground metal scene for wild antics, a long-running metal fest, and of course, tight riffs and groovy licks. They’ve put out several releases of fun, energetic, and seriously kick-ass metal since 2009, and now they have Remade In Steel coming out shortly. The first single to get the world hyped is “Riffmaster”; it's guitar-driven, epic speed metal with Deep Purple vibes that tells about a bad-ass wizard dude who brings the true metal to the people of Earth and passes judgment on the enemies of metal. 

The band explains the track with exuberance:

“Justin wrote the main chorus riff years ago, and we could never fit it into a song until now! We jammed it and just kept throwing in riffs, and they all just worked. That’s where the idea for the title “Riffmaster” came from. It definitely took some reworking and rearranging to get it to sound like a song, and when it did, we knew we had come up with something special. The lyrics are very Judas Priest: Painkiller, Starbreaker, Exciter, etc. A cosmic being comes to earth and brings heavy metal to the people. The Riffmaster himself can be seen on the album cover, upon his metal steed, wielding his tome of riffs.”

Compared to their older stuff, Odinfist is sure fans will love the new album as it promises throwbacks to their original sounds but with a new creative direction that unfolds over six songs that are longer and more complex than their previous material. As the band says, each song on Remade In Steel offers a unique musical experience, where you don’t always know what’s going to come next in a song or a track. The end result is a complete album that has a little bit for everyone, and a sense of completion at the very end.

BraveWords is premiering "Riffmaster" - get rocked below!

Saucy, melodic, and barbaric. Get ready to take a roller coaster ride through the twists and turns of traditional heavy metal. Odinfist is recommended for fans of Savatage, Riot City, and Eternal Champion.

Remade In Steel is due out on March 10 and can be preordered on Bandcamp.


“Remade In Steel”

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