Exclusive: SOVEREIGN COUNCIL Premieres “World On Fire” Video

March 29, 2023, a year ago

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Exclusive: SOVEREIGN COUNCIL Premieres “World On Fire” Video

From headlining performances from their inception as well as supporting slots for some of the biggest bands in metal, Canada’s Sovereign Council have hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since they formed in 2012. They have released two full-length albums to date New Reign (2013) and Laniakea (2015) and now they have a fresh new EP World On Fire for listeners and ahead of its release, the band is offering up the title track as a single accompanied with a music video premiered by BraveWords! 

The majority of the EP comes from vocalist Lisa Thompson’s personal experiences and this five-song progressive, symphonic, and power metal-influenced EP will take listeners through a range of emotions and imagery ranging from inspiring, motivational lyrics to darker subject matter. 

The band shares their thoughts on the single:

“This song was chosen as a single because everyone in the band felt it to be one of the stronger songs on this release. It has an edge to it while still being very accessible to a wider audience compared to our previous releases. Each one of us takes a different meaning from the song itself and we hope that our listeners will enjoy it just as much as we do. We simply want people to enjoy the ride.”

Sovereign Council got together through a shared love of music and the emotional release that comes with writing, recording, and performing. As a band, they have evolved drastically since being first formed and continue to change each time they sit down to write music. They are proud of their new sound and look forward to their continued growth and change.

Dynamic solos and incredible vocal range come together in the impressive display of melodic metal that is World On Fire. It is recommended for fans of Delain, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil.

Preorder on Bandcamp.


“World On Fire”
“The Wait”
“Breathe You In”
“Of The Ashes”

(Photo: Dark Moon Productions)

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