FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Is Working On A Solo Instrumental Album

November 9, 2020, 5 months ago

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FIREWIND Guitarist GUS G. Is Working On A Solo Instrumental Album

Firewind guitarist Gus G. has checked in with a new update:

"Being on lockdown can be tough, but it has at least allowed me to work on a lot of new music. I’m officially writing a new solo album which looks like it’ll be all instrumental, but I’ve been writing music with and for other people as well. I guess that’s my meditation, my way of dealing with all the madness. Hope you’re all keeping safe."

Gus recently released the new video below, along with the following message:

"Hi, Gus G from Firewind here. This is a video I filmed a few weeks ago for the Virtual Guitar Show 2020 (hosted by Music Radar). It’s a home rig rundown type video. New guitars, new pickups, amp collection, pedalboards, it’s all there! Hope you enjoy this, gear maniacs!"

Firewind's new self-titled album is out now via AFM Records. Get it here. The record boasts 11 prime examples of melodic metal songs. The skill, craftsmanship and power bleeds through every note, a passion you can almost taste, with hymnal melodies as a particularly outstanding feature.


"Welcome To The Empire"
"Rising Fire"
"Break Away"
"Orbitual Sunrise"
"Longing To Know You"
"Perfect Stranger"
"All My Life"
"Space Cowboy"
"Kill The Pain"

"Break Away" lyric video:

"Welcome To The Empire" video:

"Rising Fire" video:


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