GBI (GROHL, BENANTE, IAN) Announce Further Details For Upcoming Release Of BAD BRAINS Cover

April 16, 2024, a month ago

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GBI (GROHL, BENANTE, IAN) Announce Further Details For Upcoming Release Of BAD BRAINS Cover

Credited as GBI - Dave Grohl, Charlie Benante, and Scott Ian - announce today the April 20 release of “The Regulator” (Megaforce), the iconic Bad Brains song from the band’s self-titled 1982 debut album.

Released as a Record Store Day seven-inch exclusive, only 6,000 copies of the track were pressed, with all proceeds going towards healthcare for Bad Brains’ frontman Paul D. Hudson, better known as H.R., who suffers from rare, severe headaches known as SUNCT.

Anthrax had been recording the last batch of new songs for their next album at Grohl’s 606 Studios, and Foo Fighters were camped there as well in rehearsals. Grohl had stopped by Anthrax's studio to say hi and check things out, and at one point, Ian texted Grohl and suggested the idea of all of them getting together to record "The Regulator".

Said Ian, “Charlie and I asked Dave if he’d play drums and sing as well, and he was in. Charlie played bass, and I was on guitar. We ripped the song live in two takes.”

Charlie, the point person for all Anthrax-related project art, came up with the idea of having the three of them popping out of a jack-in-the-box in front of CBGB.

“I had started to think about the old days of CBGB and my love for toy collecting, and everything just fell into place."

“We ripped ‘Regulator’ live in two takes,” said Ian. It was so much fun to get to play with Dave on drums and to hear his voice with my guitar. We’re all such huge Bad Brains fans - hope you all get a copy.”

(Photo - Greg Caputo)

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