GREAT AMERICAN GHOST Release New Single “Forsaken”

July 10, 2024, 2 days ago

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GREAT AMERICAN GHOST Release New Single “Forsaken”

Great American Ghost approach their craft with a relentless sense of exploration. Consistently pushing the heavy music envelope since their inception in 2012, the band has steadily grown as a genre defying group amongst their peers in the metal and -core world. The band recently announced their signing to SharpTone Records that coincided with the release of “Hymn Of Decay,” their first new song and video since 2022 which introduced new members Grayson Stewart (guitar) and Anthony Laur (bass). Today, the band has shared another new single and video “Forsaken”.

“Forsaken” immediately pummels the listener with blast beats and buzz saw riffs. While the song rages intently from the second you push play, the arrangement carries through sonic twists and turns that highlight the band’s explorative writing style. The vocals on this tune spiral into a hellish cacophony of anguished screams before diving into a massive breakdown. The official video for “Forsaken” finds Great American Ghost giving a fiery performance.

On “Forsaken,” vocalist Ethan Harrison shares:

"This is the best song Great American Ghost has created up to this point in our career. This is a song I wrote from a place of hopelessness and nihilism. The world is getting worse by the second and the people meant to have our best interest in mind are doing nothing but enriching themselves while it burns. Something needs to change now or someday this will all end. That's what this song is about; the end"

Great American Ghost has always been built on the belief that nothing is off limits or taboo, with everything to be mined as an influence or used as a milestone to further an already sharpened sound. The promise of devastating music with extreme intent is fully realized on their latest release, ushering in a new era for their already impressive discography.

Great American Ghost is Ethan Harrison (vocals), Grayson Steward (guitar), Anthony Laur (bass) and Niko Gasparrini (guitar).

(Photo – Dominique D’Costa)

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