HAMMERFALL Release "Any Means Necessary" Live Video; Live! Against The World Album Out Now

October 23, 2020, 11 months ago

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HAMMERFALL Release "Any Means Necessary" Live Video; Live! Against The World Album Out Now

HammerFall have released a third video, "Any Means Necessary", from their new live album and BluRay, Live! Against The World, available now. Watch the clip below, and order your copy of Live! Against The World here.

Singer Joacim Cans on the album release: “The thing with live releases is, they need to feel authentic, and Live! Against The World captures exactly what a live show with HammerFall is all about.“

Guitarist and founding member Oscar Dronjak on the new video: “’Any Means Necessary’ has been a staple of our repertoire since it came out. This video shows really well why, it’s one of these songs that gets both audience and band going no matter what.”

Recorded on February 15th at the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Live! Against The World contains songs fresh off their latest album, Dominion, mixed with a ton of band classics and a hand-picked selection of songs that rarely appear on HammerFall's setlists to fulfill the needs of both new and old fans.


"Never Forgive, Never Forget"
"One Against The World"
"Heeding The Call"
"The Way Of The Warrior"
"Any Means Necessary"
"Hallowed Be My Name"
"Blood Bound"
"Hector's Hymn"
"Natural High"
"Second To One"
"Renegade Medley"
"Keep The Flame Burning"
"The Dragon Lies Bleeding"
"Last Man Standing"
"Let The Hammer Fall"
"Hammer High"
"(We Make) Sweden Rock"
"Hearts On Fire"

“Keep The Flame Burning” video:

"Never Forgive, Never Forget" video:

HammerFall are:

Joacim Cans - Vocals
Oscar Dronjak - Guitar
Pontus Norgren - Guitar
Fredrik Larsson - Bass
David Wallin - Drums

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