Harmonix On GUNS N' ROSES For Rock Band 2 - "Axl Himself Chose 'Shackler's Revenge'"

August 16, 2008, 13 years ago

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Hilary Goldstein of IGN.com recently spoke with Harmonix's Audio Director, Eric Brosious, about the process of compiling tracks for Rock Band 2. Not only did they discuss the new GUNS N' ROSES track, but also the reasoning behind the selection of other music. A couple of excerpts from the chat:

IGN: How did debuting a new GN'R song come about? And how was 'Shackler's Revenge' chosen as the song for Rock Band 2?

Brosious: "Well of course we really wanted to have GN'R included in RB2 and Paul DeGooyer, our music guru and all-around good guy at MTV, worked directly with the GN'R folks to make it happen. Everyone involved decided that it'd be ultra fab to have something from the mysterious Chinese Democracy. And Axl himself took an interest and chose 'Shackler's Revenge'. Very cool."

IGN: Do you think this means the long-delayed Chinese Democracy will come out in my lifetime?

Brosious: "Definitely…wait how old are you? RB2 will be (I think) the first public release of content from Chinese Democracy. So, with that, maybe people will be looking forward to this album coming out even more than they were before."

Read the entire interview at IGN.com.

(Thanks Gnrdaily.com)

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