Heart Of Steel Records To Reissue MISTRUST's Spin The World

February 4, 2009, 13 years ago

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Heart Of Steel Records has announced the signing of US metal band MISTRUST for the reissue on CD (for the very first time) of their debut (and only) album, Spin The World, originally out in 1986 via C.O.M.A. Records.

The Seattle-based group featured a stellar lineup including singer Jeff L’Hereux (CULPRIT), drummer Chris Godhe (MY SISTER'S MACHINE), guitarists Michael Winston (ROTTWEILLER) and Owen Wright (My Sister’s Machine) and bassist Tim Wolfe (Rottweiller).

The sound of the album is a powerful US hard rock with an US metal edge, kind a mix of STRYPER, early SLAUGHTER and VICIOUS RUMORS.

The CD will come out, as usual, with a deluxe full colour 16 pages booklet, including pics, memorabilia, lyrics, flyers, and a biography of the band, plus a fully remastered sound from the original master-tapes with two additional bonus tracks.

A late spring 2009 release is expected.

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VENOM INC. – “Come To Me” (Nuclear Blast)

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