IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Debut "Excelsior" Music Video

November 19, 2020, 2 weeks ago

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IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT Debut "Excelsior" Music Video

New York City’s avant-garde black metal outfit, Imperial Triumphant, have released their new music video for "Excelsior", directed by the band's very own Steve Blanco. Watch below.

"Many people flock to the big city with golden dreams in their eyes willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, like the ones they see at the top. It is the seal of approval; The medieval crest upon which the very fabric of humanity's elevation prevails. The failure and losing streak is a deceptive reality that slowly finds its way as diminishing returns, caught up in the illusory system. Ever upwards," states Imperial Triumphant bassist Steve Blanco about the music video.

"Excelsior" is lifted from the band's new album, Alphaville, available here.


"Rotted Futures"
"City Swine"
"Atomic Age"
"Transmission To Mercury"
"The Greater Good"
Bonus tracks:
"Experiment" (Voivod)
"Happy Home" (The Residents)

"Atomic Age" video:

"Rotted Futures" video:

Imperial Triumphant is:

Zachary Ilya Ezrin - Vocals, guitars
Steven Blanco - Bass, vocals, piano, mellotron, synths, taiko drums
Kenny Grohowski - Drums, taiko drums

(Photo - Alex Krauss)

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