Interior Design For A Musician: What You Should Consider?

June 29, 2022, a month ago


Interior Design For A Musician: What You Should Consider?

The success of a musician largely depends on the availability/non-availability of talent. In addition to abilities, many factors help in the formation of the personality of a musician. The environment in which the music creator lives is one of the important factors in resolving this issue. In this article, we will recommend to artists how to arrange a small piece of their space.

Given the musical direction, the interior of the room must be adapted to the needs of a creative person. A DJ will live in this room, so the room will turn out to be original with a mixture of several interior styles. Creativity is also a mixture of different types of music, musical trends. It is not surprising that the loft style attracts musicians, artists and other creative bohemians. But let’s not limit ourselves to this style only and apply the fusion style to the interior of the room at the same time. Fusion in the interior is a combination of different styles (textures, colors, materials), where luxury bedroom sets look perfect near bare walls as it’s typical for extraordinary people who perceive a place to live as a source of creative inspiration. 

Space is key

The space for creativity should be arranged in a small part of the room, fencing off the “musical” zone with a screen or shelving. If space allows, then allocate a separate room for music - so no one will interfere with anyone, and nothing will interrupt the creative process.

The loft style with an open layout and the absence of partitions is very suitable for placing records, modern tech tools, from simple to complex musical instruments. More space for a turntable, monitors, musical instruments, mixer, racks full of vinyl and other records. The ceilings of the room should be white, with a glossy tint - this creates a feeling of space. A small area of ​​​​the room won’t be a problem, visually it can be expanded with the floor-to-ceiling French windows. Such windows will make your home bright and spacious. Due to them, the overall illumination increases. Don’t forget about curtains for such windows and use tulle or organza.

Now about the walls: based on the principle of economy, you can apply wallpaper imitating brickwork. The remaining walls will be covered with an emulsion of cold tones. The walls can be finished with wood, and even better with textile panels - this technique is often used when decorating the head of the bed, but in other rooms it will also come in handy. Considering the fusion style, you can apply a sort of decorative technique in the form of stripes or strokes on the wall using bold and rich colors. 

Neighbors are people too

The loft is characterized by minimal costs and is a budget project that does not involve the use of expensive materials, furniture and accessories. The only thing you should not save on is the floor. Obviously, the musicians are not the quietest guys. Therefore, if you do not live in a private house, think about your neighbor: put carpets on the floor, otherwise your evening jams with friends will resonate in such a way that no earplugs will help. The coating must be of high quality, and the costs will pay off in full. We propose parquet boards in a cool shade that matches the walls. In the dining area, there could be a glossy kitchen set with a bar counter - it separates the living room from the kitchen in the studio room. Crockery and other kitchen utensils are stored in closed modules. To save space, use transforming furniture. Household items are in hidden storage areas. It looks concise and allows you to get rid of the feeling of piling up. Bold color schemes are used in the upholstery of the chairs that are intended for guests. Presentations, and auditions will be arranged in this room, and a large number of people will visit it - these are artists, singers and just colleagues in the industry.

Working area

The musician’s apartment should also have a working area. Desk and cabinets are needed to create your music and then enjoy the ravishing reviews. Using the loft style, we can choose inexpensive furniture, but of the necessary dimensions, to put instruments, vinyl and a laptop, 2 CD players and a mixer. The music market is alluring and attractive. As soon as you buy a new “old” Fender, it turns out that a custom Lackland is the ultimate dream. Therefore, the main rule: free space. Design the room in such a way that another guitar or a new synthesizer fits well into it. 

The table should be comfortable taking into account the anatomical features of the musician. It is necessary to have 2 seats - one in the form of a stool and another chair in which the DJ could comfortably sit. Depending on their working mood, they choose where to sit. The presence of any kind of lampshades, lamps, fixtures should be abandoned. The light should be pointed, giving a feeling of spaciousness (lamps minimalism). 

Inevitably, a huge amount of wires is a sad and inconsolable result for those who have to clean up the musician's apartment. Unfortunately, there is no way to deal with this problem. Wireless technologies have not reached everywhere yet. The only possible solution is special containers for wires with holes: you can carefully lay the main part of the switching in them, so only small parts will remain.

Taking care of yourself and your apartment

Like most creative people, the schedule of musicians differs from the usual office 5/2 from 9am to 6pm. Several consequences follow from this. It could also be coffee cravings at night instead of in the morning. And cravings for sleep at noon. And the frequent absence, which means desolation of housing. With the first, modern, almost silent coffee machines will help, and with the second, a well-thought-out sleeping area, for example, with light-blocking curtains and good sound insulation. And the rest is a matter of technology, namely its latest achievements: robotic vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners for windows and walls (yes, there are some).

The great pleasure of accessorizing

And one more feature of the fusion style is the presence of non-standard accessories, love for details. Posters, vinyl discs, records, maps, globes, graffiti, old photographs - all this will decorate and fit into the interior of the musician’s room. To create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, lay a carpet on the floor, choosing a design that will look good in the interior of the room.

Portraits, lovingly painted in different techniques, and even papier-mâché figurines can settle in your home and turn it into a kind of museum. Of course, you should not neglect fan love: choose really good works that will fit into the interior, and carefully put the rest in boxes with kindness in your heart - there will be something to nostalgically sort out and clean from dust. 

Probably, you are planning to watch movies, and concerts on a big screen and with good sound, and not on a laptop. So you need a good TV. If the very thought of a TV is terrifying, then replace it with a projector and a retractable screen.

Fusion style allows you to create a comfortable and creative atmosphere where you want to return and feel truly at home. The musician in the house changes the environment. Whatever the interior was originally, even if strictly minimalistic, now it will certainly acquire a bohemian spirit.

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