Janne Stark’s MOUNTAIN OF POWER Release Volume Three Album; HANK SHERMANN, MICHAEL DENNER Among Guests

December 10, 2015, 5 years ago

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Janne Stark’s MOUNTAIN OF POWER Release Volume Three Album; HANK SHERMANN, MICHAEL DENNER Among Guests

Janne Stark, guitarist from bands such as Overdrive, Grand Design, Constancia and Locomotive Breath, is back with his third tribute to the riffs of the 70s. This time he has again taken on some unsung heroes, but also some unsung songs by well-known heroes. How about The Hunt, Cain, Diamond REO, April Wine, Kansas, Rush, Neil Merryweather, Walter Rossi, Charlee, Captain Beyond, Boomerang, Triumph and Mother’s Finest?

On the new album Janne handles all rhythm guitars and bass, and shares the lead guitar duties with killer guitarists like Kee Marcello, Craig Erickson, Jay Jesse Johnsson, Hank Shermann, Michael Denner, Mike Onesko, David Angstrom and Ken Hammer, just to name a few. The vocal duties are handled by singers such as Carl Dixon, Martin J Andersen, David Angstrom, Pelle Saether, Chris Catena, Thomas Vikström, Roger Solander and iconic rocker Neil Merryweather. The drums are handled by Peter Hermansson and TrumPeter Svensson.

The background for Mountain of Power came about when Grooveyard Records asked Janne to record a cover album. After long discussions the concept was clear. It was to be songs Janne grew up with and that affected him and his guitar playing, plus the song should not be one that had been widely or even ever covered before. Also, just doing a straight cover was not an option. You will find hidden riffs, sneaky flirts and songs that have been merged together. It all done with the greatest love of the original and without losing the 70s feel and analogue touch (only tube amps were used for recording guitars!). This album was mixed, mastered and co-produced by Danish guitarist/singer/producer Martin J Andersen, also known from the following bands: Blindstone and Meridian.

“Martin did an outstanding job mixing and mastering the album to absolute perfection. With this many guests, recording at various studios, he’s done an amazing job making it all blend perfectly together”, says Janne.


“Give It Everything We Got”/“Kryptonite” – (Neil Merryweather)
Vocals: Martin J Andersen
Solos: Janne Stark, Martin J Andersen

“Hey Serena”/“Wheel Of Fortune Turning” – (Walter Rossi/Charlee)
Vocals: Neil Merryweather. Solos: Janne Stark

“It’s A Jungle Out There (Power)” – (Diamond Reo)
Vocals: Roger Solander/Peter Hermansson. Percussions: Martin J Andersen. Solos: Janne Stark, Brett Ellis.

“Be My Lover”/“Little Texas Shaker” – (Triumph)
Vocals: Thomas Vikström. Solos: Janne Stark, Ken Hammer

“Raging River Of Fear (Can’t Feel Nothing/Frozen Over)” – (Captain Beyond)
Vocals: Martin J Andersen. Solos: Janne Stark, Martin J Andersen

“Silver Dollar” – (April Wine)
Vocals and percussions: Carl Dixon. Solos: Janne Stark, Craig Erickson

“Badside” – (Cain)
Vocals: David Angstrom. Solos: Janne Stark, Mike Onesko, David Angstrom

“All The Way” – (Mother’s Finest)
Vocals: Amy Douglas/Marc Quee. Slide guitar: Jay Jesse Johnson. Solos: Janne Stark, Jay Jesse Johnson

“Cynthia Fever”/“Juke It” – (Boomerang)
Vocals: Chris Catena, Peter Hermansson. Solos: Janne Stark, Joe Romagnola

“She Flew Freely”/“If Only We Had Tried” – (The Hunt)
Vocals: Carl Dixon. Solos: Janne Stark

“Under The Shadow” (“Working Man”/“What You’re Doing”/“Soliloquy”/“YYZ”) (Rush)
Vocals: Magnus Ekwall. Narration: Martin J Andersen. Solos: Janne Stark, Michael Denner, Hank Shermann, Stefan Lindholm,
Jonas Hansson, Joe Romagnola

“Death Of Mother Nature Suite”/“Child Of Innocence” (“Carry On Wayward Son”/“Relentless”/“Down The Road”/“Cheyenne Anthem”) – (Kansas)
Vocals: Martin J Andersen, Pelle Saether. Solos: Janne Stark, Craig Erickson, Jimmy Ryan, Kee Marcello, Micke Nilsson, Mikael Nord Andersson

In 2016 Mountain of Power is also planning to take the riffs on the road, featuring Janne, Martin and drummer/singer Peter Hermansson plus guests.

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