KING'S X Frontman DUG PINNICK On Friendship With SOUNDGARDEN Vocalist CHRIS CORNELL - "I'm Sure We Influenced Each Other And Pushed Each Other"

August 14, 2022, 10 months ago

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KING'S X Frontman DUG PINNICK On Friendship With SOUNDGARDEN Vocalist CHRIS CORNELL - "I'm Sure We Influenced Each Other And Pushed Each Other"

Detroit's 101 WRIF caught up with King's X  frontman Dug Pinnick
the upcoming 'Three Sides Of One' album, the darkness of it, and more about the writing and recording process. We discussed the longevity of the band with the original members, how much more gas is in the tank for the band, the infamous Motley Crue "Anywhere there's Electricity" tour and lots more.

On his musical relationship with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell

Pinnick: "Me and him were neck-and-neck sometimes writing songs. We'd talk about it. Somebody called me up one time and said, 'You heard the new Soundgarden tune?' And I go, 'Why?' And they said, 'It sounds like a King's X ripoff.' I go, 'What was it?' They said, ''Outshined'.' And I'm going, 'Yeah, it has that vibe.' Somebody said 'Spoonman' sounds like a song Ty (Tabor / guitar) wrote, and we were making those records at the same time.

I remember talking to Chris when we were making the Dogman record. They were making Superunknown, and we were laughing about how high we used to sing. We made an agreement to sing lower on the record, and we got 'Black Hole Sun' and 'Flies And Blue Skies'. So I think that me and him, I'm sure we influenced each other and pushed each other."

The legendary King’s X, comprised of dUg Pinnick, Ty Tabor & Jerry Gaskill, will release their 13th studio album, Three Sides Of One, on September 2, representing their first new music in 14 years.

King's X recently launched of a series of band interviews. Watch below, as the group discuss what went into making their new album:

Of the new album, dUg comments: “When I think of it, King’s X feels like a couple of old best friends coming together, shooting the shit, and having a good time, it’s instinctual. When I would listen to demo tapes of Jerry and Ty for the record, it gave me a great perspective on how blessed I am to be in King’s X. What they did on Three Sides of One sounded so good. For as familiar as it is, it’s like I’m in a new band.”

Ty adds: This time, we sat around, listened to each other’s ideas, and would collectively say, ‘Let’s work on that’. It was the most enjoyable album I’ve personally ever recorded in my entire life, period.”

Jerry continues: “I’ll cherish what we did in my heart forever. Everything lined up perfectly.”

Three Sides Of One will be available as Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP+CD+LP-booklet & as Digital Album. There will also be a Limited Deluxe 180g Orange/Red Marble 2LP+CD+LP-booklet that also includes a poster and a hand-numbered print, as well as an exclusive variant of the front cover artwork. Pre-order here.

During 2019, the members congregated at Black Sound Studio in Pasadena, CA with Emmy Award-winning producer Michael Parnin to bring Three Sides Of One to life. Despite consistent touring, they hadn’t cut a new LP since 2008. Nevertheless, the guys picked up where they left off. Creative confidant and collaborator Wally Farkas rolled through, and they channelled their incredible chemistry on tape.


"Let It Rain"
"Flood Pt. 1"
"Nothing But The Truth"
"Give It Up"
"All God’s Children"
"Take The Time"
"Swipe Up"
"She Called Me Home"
"Every Everywhere"

"Give It Up" lyric video:

"Let It Rain":

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