KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Vocalist KOBRA PAIGE Thanks The Fans For Merchandise Purchases - "You Have Blown My Mind"

August 9, 2020, 6 months ago

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KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Vocalist KOBRA PAIGE Thanks The Fans For Merchandise Purchases - "You Have Blown My Mind"

Last week, Canadian bashers Kobra And The Lotus announced they were selling merchandise for their new album, Evolution, to pay for the printed new album merch and lost plane tickets / overhead due to cancelled concerts. Vocalist Kobra Paige has checked in with the following message to the fans:

"You have been amazing; 46% of CD's and vinyl Printing Costs raised, you have blown my mind!! This has helped me to pay almost half the bill back to our awesome label. I am grateful beyond words!!

100% of all money raised will go directly to paying back Napalm Records what I owe for all of the new CD's and vinyls I have sitting here that were meant to be sold on tour for our new record Evolution. You are the best and most positive thing for me that has come out of building this project. You showing up has impacted me immensely and I feel less alone."

Go to the band's online store here.

Kobra And The Lotus released their new studio album, Evolution, on September 20, 2019 via Napalm Records. The record sees the band imbued with a new fire that comes through by way of undeniable hooks, soaring guitar riffs, marching drum beats, and the soulful, bombastic vocal delivery of lead singer Kobra Paige. No longer bound by old formulas and expectations from the past, Evolution comes through with a sound that is expansive and, at times, borders on outright swagger. Each song feels like an Active Rock hit in the making, while still having the grit and feverish intensity that longtime fans have come to admire from Kobra And The Lotus.

Evolution boasts the band's most cohesive and confident material to date. For the new record, Kobra And The Lotus enlisted the services of producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Alter Bridge, Linkin Park, Slash, Sevendust).

"The new body of work sets the tone for the music going forward. Sonically, it’s still heavy. It highlights the showmanship and maintains the edge. At the same time, it’s approachable. It pays tribute to our influences, but it takes the next step. So, it’s a reintroduction to us and a rebirth. A firm goal was to build a strong identity and update everything. We just want to be Kobra And The Lotus; that’s what we’re doing."

The first single, "Burn!” ignites this chapter. A hummable riff snaps into a visceral verse as the frontwoman directly declares, “I really hate you, yes I do.” The track builds towards an incendiary and infectious chorus, hinging on a seesawing guttural groove and hitting like a sledgehammer.

“It’s about all of the reasons you hold yourself back,” she explains. “You literally need to burn all of those feelings, stories, excuses, and obstacles keeping you from being your own authentic self. It’s super personal. It’s a product of growing and arriving as a person. I’m realizing who I am. It’s symbolic of the rebirth,” says Kobra.

Going further into the process behind Evolution, Kobra comments, “We’ve never done a record like Evolution. We’ve flown demos over the internet back and forth or started a few ideas prior to hitting the studio. This time, we were all working together in the flesh for the full duration of the writing process. It’s a collision of everything we love. We feel like it’s the freshest and most timeless thing we’ve brought to the table.”


"We Come Undone"
"Wash Away"
"Get The F*ck Out Of Here"
"In The End"
"Tokyo" (Japan Version Only)

"Burn!" video:

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