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August 1, 2006, 17 years ago

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KROKUS' official website has been updated with the following:

"We are pleased to present to you the first single 'Angel Of My Dreams' from the new Krokus studio album Hellraiser (release September 15, 2006)!

Having been 'on the road' for 30 years the most successful Swiss rock band has written incomparable music history! And on Hellraiser it shows once more that they are still in top form. The new single 'Angel Of My Dreams' is a smash song containing everything what is expected of a wonderful ballad: a fantastic melody, moving lyrics and terrifically presented by Marc Storace's unique voice, backed by a strong Krokus crew: Mandy Meyer, Tony Castell, Dominique Favez und Stefan Schwarzmann.

And the Swiss rock giants will not disappoint their international fans: 'Hellraiser' is released in over 20 European countries, North and South Amercia, Australia, Israel, Russia, Japan, Korea, China and Thailand!

Last year KROKUS toured across the USA and Europe! This year they will play on national and international stages from autumn on!"

Download the new track 'Angel Of My Dreams' at this location.

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