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December 2, 2002, 19 years ago

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Bassist Jeff Pilson (DOKKEN, L/P) posted the following update on December 2nd at his website, www.jeffpilson.com.

“Hello one and all, has it really been a month already? I'm going to answer a few questions here, which have been coming up rather often. I'll try and cover as much as I can, so let's get started.

First, I do really wish I could take credit for any of the vocal work on George's remake CD, but it just wouldn't be true! Robert [Mason] ended up singing the whole record and did an absolutely amazing job. I think everyone will really dig the heavy new interpretations. Anthony, as far as I know, played bass on the entire record as well. George and I had planned on me singing and playing on the Dokken tracks, but it just didn't work out. But Robert really did a fabulous job [as did Anthony], and the record came out great. When and if L/P is to tour, I'll have the opportunity to sing plenty of Dokken tunes then. In the meantime, the remake disc is a must-have!

Now some big news. Lynch/Pilson will be signing a domestic deal with Spitfire Records and we're over-the-top excited about it. A final release date has yet to be named, but my guess is March or April, shouldn't be any later than that. The label has been so supportive of the music and direction, and that was pretty much what made us go with them. I'm going to be working hard with them to try and incorporate as much of the internet fan base as we can, so all of you can be active participants in the record campaign if you choose. We'd like to organize street teams, etc. in the hopes that more people will hear this than the usual release. It's funny how a lot of new heavy bands are starting to acknowledge us [Dokken, George, etc.] as influences, so maybe a new audience will appreciate what we do. I would be very happy if the record is made aware to anyone who will listen and they have an opportunity to judge it on its own merits. This could be an exciting year for us, and I'm hoping that everyone here can be an integral part of it. For those of you wanting to join in, get ready to start writing a lot of e-mails!

Still finishing up the Rehab production work, though some complications have developed. I'm hoping everything can be resolved, as this is some of our best production work yet. We'll also be working with some other new artists in the next couple months, I'll keep you posted as to how that goes.

One final note about the Dokken lawsuit. It was never really intended to be a public issue, but apparently the rock press has a system for discovering any lawsuits filed which involve people in their data base. This suit is strictly a business matter, which I've been left no choice but to pursue. However this in no way affects what Dokken was, or what any of us have ever contributed to it. Someone on the message board posted something about how maybe we all should never have met, and it made him or her sick! I gotta say, I can relate to that! If I were to read about this kind of thing, I'd probably say, 'how pathetic!' And you know what, it IS pathetic, and unfortunate. But I will never say that I wish we were never to have become a band. Even amongst the dreadful string of memories, I still remain extremely proud of the work we did and the music we made. It is time to move on, however, and I think everyone involved owes the franchise Dokken a great deal of respect, and we'll all have to trust that the outcome will be positive for all parties. I'm sure it will, and I'd like nothing more than for everyone to get a clean start and their fair share of opportunities. I trust it will all be good in the end.

So that's about it. I hope everyone has a delightful holiday season, and we all have time to reflect on the wonderful blessings we've been so universally given. With such a frightening and volatile world out there, I think we all need the reality check of friends and family to keep us grounded. I certainly know I do. And with the love and communication I've experienced the last few years through this website, I've seen the word friends take on a whole new meaning. That, to me, is progress. And that keeps me coming back for more, and keeps me wanting to create and give for as long as I'm able. Thanx again everyone, and we'll see you next year! Take care. Jeff.”

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