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April 30, 2014, 7 years ago

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In 2005 former BONHAM vocalist Daniel Macmaster resurfaced under the moniker MONKEY/MACMASTER.

Back in September 2004, Jimmy D (EMERALD MONKEY) contacted Daniel Macmaster (formerly of the band BONHAM, SCORCHER) regarding submitting material for the latter's solo release. From that point they found magic, and chemistry which is hard to find in music. Demos that were submitted, and Daniel and Jimmy D decided to join the names and start a new project. Written in late 2004 thru 2006, the demos are raw as Monkey-Macmaster was short-lived by the untimely death of Macmaster on Sunday, March 16th at the age 39 years. He was a resident of Thunder Bay, Ontario and passed away in Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center following complications from pneumonia, after a strep A infection entered his bloodstream.

Monkey-Macmaster composed and recorded the following songs:


'Consequence of Difference'

'Every Where You Turn'

'Give You Love'


'Inside Out'

'Last Word'

'Take a Long'

'Motor Runnin''

'Drive On'

'Long Road Back'


'Everything Turns Out Alright'

'The Long Road Back'

'The Jimmy'

'Devil's Calling'


'Never Another'

Check out some of the demos at this location.

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