METALLICA - "Mandatory Metallica" Is Back On SiriusXM

September 1, 2021, a month ago

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METALLICA - "Mandatory Metallica" Is Back On SiriusXM

"Our friends at SiriusXM have invited us back as Mandatory Metallica returns with music and content we have curated, especially for this occasion," states an update from Metallica. "They’ll also be helping us celebrate the upcoming reissue of The Black Album and release of The Metallica Blacklist, both out next week.

"Today the channel kicks off a three-week run on the radio side, while you’ll be able to stream Mandatory Metallica on the SXM App through the end of the year. We’ll be taking over SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal Channel 40 from September 1st through 15th and then move over to Channel 104 through September 22nd.

"There’s something for everyone on Mandatory Metallica, as we feature music spanning our entire catalog, including live concert performances and rare tracks. We’ll be on air talking about our music, playing some of our favorite artists, telling some personal stories, and more. You’ll also hear songs and commentary from some of the artists who contributed to The Metallica Blacklist.

"Stay tuned to Mandatory Metallica throughout the day, whether you listen in the car or on mobile. The channel will be airing THREE concerts each day – one at 12 PM, ET, 6 PM, ET, and midnight, ET – spanning more than four decades of music from the ’80s through the WorldWired Tour.

"Not a subscriber? No problem! You can sign up for a free 3-month trial today. Discover the many ways you can now enjoy SiriusXM at"

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