MIKE ORLANDO On Resurrecting ADRENALINE MOB - "We've Been Through So Much Pain, It's Tough To Get Over; I Don't Know"

March 18, 2019, 2 years ago

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MIKE ORLANDO On Resurrecting ADRENALINE MOB - "We've Been Through So Much Pain, It's Tough To Get Over; I Don't Know"

BODS Mayhem Hour recently spoke with Mike Orlando, guitarist of Adrenaline Mob and Sonic Stomp. He discusses his first official instrumental DVD entitled Sonic Stomp: Live In Studio From Brazil. Orlando also talks about working with Aquiles Priester, Tony McAlpine, Junior Carelli and Fernando Quesada, and how he is still recovering from the July 2017 accident that resulted in the death of Adrenaline Mob bassist David Zablidowsky and tour manager Janet Rains (aka Jane Train).

Asked whether adrenaline mob will resurface at some point, Orlando offered the following:

"I don't know. We've been through so much bad times and so much hurt, so much just pain. I mean, it's still ongoing. I'm going in, this Friday, for my fourth procedure on my neck, so it's still fresh. I just don't say anything. I just keep trying to move forward, and I'm happy to still be here and be breathing from that horrific accident. I love Adrenaline Mob. It's my baby. I loved it. It's incredible music. Russell Allen is an incredible singer, and all the guys that we've had... the amazing Mike Portnoy, and all the guys in the band. It's been great, but then there's been so much bad. So it's tough to get over."

Orlando recently released his Sonic Stomp DVD. It features drummer extraordinaire Aquiles Priester, keyboardist Junior Carelli, and bassist Fernando Quesada. The DVD was recorded live in the studio in Brazil and features Orlando performing 12 killer tracks from his Sonic Stomp releases. The DVD includes full band performances and solo performances.

Check out the full band perforance of "Burn" below.

“I’m very excited to be releasing my first Sonic Stomp DVD and I’m thrilled the way it came out! Aquiles, Junior, Fernando & Foggy Filmes all did such an amazing job! It’s a pleasure and honor to work with them all.” - Mike Orlando

Sonic Stomp tracks performed include:

"Wheels In Motion"
"Game Show"
"Full Speed X"
"Dig It"
"A Vision Of You"
"Shaga Duga"
"Sonic Stomp"
"Jam On It"

All music written, arranged, produced & owned by Mike Orlando. Mixed & Mastered at Sonic Stomp Studios by Mike Orlando.

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