Newfoundland’s ARTACH Release “Tuiteam An Duine” Lyric Video

July 21, 2021, a month ago

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Newfoundland’s ARTACH Release “Tuiteam An Duine” Lyric Video

Coming from the coldest, windiest, snowiest, and foggiest city in Canada, St. John’s, Newfoundland's Artach is heavily influenced by nature and even takes after the bleak climate they are surrounded by. The result of months of winter provides inspiration for their raw, epic black metal that is in their new album Sworn To Avenge, which was recently unleashed this past June via Depressive Illusions Records.

Today the band presents their latest lyric video for their opening track “Tuiteam An Duine”.

"This one kicks off the album, it's immediate. It blasts then calms, the savagery, then the relative calmness. We wanted to have an opener that was somewhat in line with the opener on our debut, which is an often mentioned favourite from the first album. The song lyrics are about how humankind overall views themselves atop the food and intelligence chain. We are not. And this will be our undoing. We didn't want the lyrics to be preachy so the ideas are not meant to pound you over the head totally. The title ‘Tuiteam An Duine’ translates to the fall of man."

Sworn To Avenge is an inescapable, cold and at times unhinged grimness. Raw aggression tempered with bouts of melody evoking the grandmasters of the genre while incorporating first and second wave black metal influences.

Raw and epic black metal, Artach is recommended listening for fans of Immortal, Celtic Frost, and Darkthrone.

Sworn To Avenge is available to order on Bandcamp.


“Tuiteam An Duine”
“Ice Throne”
“Endless Tundra”
“Into The Frozen Woodlands”
“She Gathers Leaves”
“Mistress Of Black Thorns”
“Winter’s End”

“She Gathers Leaves” lyric video:

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