PAIN OF SALVATION Frontman Daniel Gildenlöw On Recovering From Flesh-Eating Infection - "I'm Lucky Compared To So Many Other People In This World"

March 7, 2014, 8 years ago

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PAIN OF SALVATION frontman Daniel (Gildenlöw/vocals) recently underwent a series of surgeries after having contracted a very serious infection (Necrotising Fasciitis, aka 'flesh-eating bacteria'). He checked in with the following update on his condition on March 2nd:

"Today it's exactly 8 weeks since Leo drove me to the hospital. Woah, if I'd known...

Weird how this surreal situation has become the norm for me by now. I have learnt so many things endemic to this particular situation – wound dressing preferences, injection angles (and what to do with the Fragmine air bubble), how best to place the vacuum hose going into your back when you visit the bathroom, how to turn from your left to your right side in bed without ever being on your back, and so on. But more than anything else I have learnt that family is king, and that I'm lucky lucky lucky compared to so many other people in this world. I've definitely cried a few tears during these last weeks, when the stamina suddenly runs dry during the day's second double disinfection shower or twelfth needle, but I have laughed more than I have cried. And I have felt thankfulness far more than I've felt bitterness. Huge thanks for all the support!

On March 17th, I'll be transferred to the big Akademiska hospital in Uppsala, where they will move skin and deep tissue from the surrounding areas to close my wound. It'll be like going back to square one again, with pain and immobility, and that scares me, since I have been so drained already for eight weeks. But, with the words of Chuck Marstein (Sons of Anarchy): 'I accept that.'"

Watch for more updates from Gildenlöw in the coming weeks.

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