PAUL DI'ANNO - "Running Free" From The Beast Arises DVD Streaming

September 22, 2014, 7 years ago

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PAUL DI'ANNO - "Running Free" From The Beast Arises DVD Streaming

The original voice of Iron Maiden, Paul Di’Anno returned to Poland in April to play a string of live shows. One of the shows - at Lizard Club in Kraków on April 9th - was recorded for the purposes of a live DVD release.


Due to technical problems, The Beast Arises has been postponed to October 27th in Europe and November 18th in North America (via MVD). Other formats: CD and LP (out in December).

The classic Maiden track "Running Free" has been released today and can be viewed below:

The material from the DVD captures a sensational live show in a club full of audience that would not let Di'Anno leave the stage for a long time. The release features mind-blowing performances of the classic material from the first two Iron Maiden studio albums, Iron Maiden and Killers, as well as songs by Killers, Battlezone, and, to top it off, a fierce cover of Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” - all this making for an outstanding show that will leave no fan in doubt that the Beast has truly risen! The DVD also includes an interview with Paul Di’Anno, a photo gallery and other extras.

The Beast Arises tracklisting:

"Marshall Lockjaw"
"Murders In The Rue Morgue"
"The Beast Arises"
"Children Of Madness"
"Genghis Kahn"
"Remember Tomorrow"
"Charlotte The Harlot"
"Phantom Of The Opera"
"Running Free"
"Iron Maiden"
"Blitzkrieg Bop"

Bonus video:

Interview with Paul Di’Anno


Photo gallery


Desktop images

Preview: "Charlotte The Harlot":

Featured Audio

EINHERJER – “West Coast Groove” (Napalm)

EINHERJER – “West Coast Groove” (Napalm)

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THIRTEEN GOATS - "Return To Ruin"

THIRTEEN GOATS - "Return To Ruin"

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