PAUL STANLEY Talks KISS' Freedom To Rock Tour - "Any Time We Can Spotlight The Military, We Do It"

June 25, 2016, 5 years ago

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PAUL STANLEY Talks KISS' Freedom To Rock Tour - "Any Time We Can Spotlight The Military, We Do It"

In a new interview with Russ Rollins of the Monsters, Paul Stanley of KISS fame talks about their Freedom To Rock tour, the "Stairway To Heaven" lawsuit filed against Led Zeppelin, recording with Ace Frehley again, and criticism of Gene Simmons...

According to areport by KSHE 95, KISS are looking for some special roadies for their upcoming Freedom To Rock tour.

The band has teamed up with Hiring Our Heroes and the Veteran Tickets Foundation to hire a currently serving member of the National Guard or Reserve to be a Roadie For The Day for each date on the tour.

KISS is also donating some tickets to veterans in each community and will distribute those tickets through

Veterans and their family members will also have the chance to purchase discounted tickets through Vet Tix. The offer isn't available in every city on the tour -- head to for details.

The Freedom to Rock tour starts on July 4th in Tuscon, Arizona. Go to this location for the band'scomplete schedule and ticket information.

KISS’ Paul Stanley co-hosted the latest episode of the Phone Booth Fighting podcast, recorded at his home in Beverly Hills, CA. During the podcast the subject came up of whether original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley could return the band because of their renewed friendship.

Stanley said: “I don't see it. And, to me, that makes it even better. The fact that you can have people in your life, and maybe who they are and what they are in your life changes over time. Because I'm happy to see Ace and would love to see him… We text. He was on the radio last week, and I texted him, 'I'm listening.' It doesn't need to go further than that, but the fact that it's there is a terrific thing. Reading into it, and where's it gonna lead, and maybe…? There is none of that. There is just the joy and satisfaction in reconnecting — in a different way, perhaps. But it doesn't negate our differences, and that's okay. You can have people in your life. There are things we don't agree about and never will, (and) that's okay. Maybe it goes back to what I said earlier: the best relationships understand the limitations of the relationships."

Listen to the podcast at this location.

Frehley recently released, via 95.5 KLOS, a brand new video interview shot on set immediately after the video shoot for his cover of Free’s 1970 hit “Fire And Water” featuring none other than KISS frontman Paul Stanley. The six minute clip is the first time the two have been interviewed on camera in over 15 years. The last time the two sat for an interview was during the KISS farewell tour in 2002 in Australia.

The video notches itself into rock and roll history as the first time both Frehley and Stanley appear in a music video since KISS’ music video for “Psycho Circus” released in 1998. It’s also the first time in 14 years that the two shared a stage since KISS’ appearance at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. Finally, it’s the first time Frehley has released a music video since 1989, which was Frehley's cover of "Do Ya" released by both The Move and ELO.

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